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It is very important to have a good and bright tooth to get a good smile. Beautiful smile attracts everyone. Cosmetic tooth whitening is a method to whiten your teeth and get a good smile. This helps in making your teeth bright after removing the stains and yellowish color. The yellow color of your teeth might lower your confidence level and makes you feel bad. But after undertaking tooth whitening procedure your confidence level rises, and you can conquer heights with your beautiful smile.It is always wise to consult a dentist to whiten your teeth. This procedure will show great results only if undertaken under the supervision of a good dentist. Chemicals are used in a fixed proportion to lighten the color of your teeth. There are many reasons for yellow teeth. Heredity is also a major factor that results in the yellowing of the teeth. Certain habits like smoking and alcohol consumption also results in discoloration of your teeth.Many teeth whitening kits are also available today in making your teeth bright. They contain natural ingredients, which helps in making your teeth brighter naturally without any harmful side effects. These tooth whitening kits are also very easy to apply. They will improve the color of your teeth and makes your smile attractive and bright. To get a good smile is very easy after making your teeth bright. The natural teeth whitening kits help in making your teeth bright easily. They are very simple to use. They are very effective and provide quick results.

Beauty and the Beast – Tactics For Naming Male Cosmetics |

I let my boyfriend use my Clinique moisturizer. I have never thought to buy him a bottle of his own and I’m not sure he’d like it if I did. As liberated as we may be from traditional gender roles, it’s still difficult to sell American men on products they’re used to seeing in a woman’s cosmetic arsenal. (Especially products with frou-frou French names.) So how do you make what’s in those bottles and tubes seem manly? Here are a few product naming strategies.  Make it no-nonsense.Most guys don’t want to feel like they’re fussing with their appearance. So appeal to their practical side. Kiehl’s dubs its skincare line “Facial Fuel.” Jack Black’s “Beard Lube” sends the message that male grooming is like keeping your car in good shape. And Zirh’s skin line uses product names like “Clean,” “Fix” and “Defend”-no-frills, active verbs that get straight to the point.  Try a little humor. Bond with male customers with tongue-in-cheek product names that suggest you don’t take this stuff too seriously. Origins’ after-shave balm “Fire Fighter” (which “takes the burn out of shaving”) evokes a strong and masculine American archetype, while the playful pun keeps it light. “Save the Males” moisturizer riffs on the famous bumper sticker slogan, making it a fun item for him to buy himself-and a memorable gift from her. Amp up the testosterone.Use aggressive imagery or sound symbolism. With its hard-hitting sound and brutish associations, “Axe” clearly telegraphs it’s a man’s line. The marketing is equally hard-line; as you wait for Axe’s website to load, you’re informed that “your mojo is loading.” Other lines that play the macho card are “MoxieforMen,” “Male Species,” “Naturally Man” and “Blood & Guts.” (Ok, the last one wasn’t for real.)  Think sporty lifestyle.Successful cologne brands like Canoe and Polo evoke a carefree, active lifestyle. “Skin Diver,” the name of Origins’ bar soap, is a nice double entendre. And then there’s Tommy Bahama’s Set Sail South Seas. Who cares if it’s a bit of a fantasy? That’s the point.  Appeal to the lower charkas.There’s nothing like the prospect of increased action to get a guy over the notion that grooming isn’t manly. Juicy Couture’s “Dirty English” eau de toilette promises a “passion-inducing mix” of scents (without being totally scandalous). Billy Jealousy’s “Illicit” fragrance suggests a potion that will help men let their bad boy out, and Eclipse Spa is even more direct with their “Sexy Man” line.  Don’t call it makeup.Of all cosmetics for men, makeup is probably the toughest sell. Stars like Zac Effron may make waves by sporting “guyliner” and “mancake.” But don’t expect most straight American males-even metrosexual ones-to embrace the practice anytime soon. According to a 2005 GQ survey, “92 percent of men would not wear makeup even if it guaranteed them a more fulfilling sex life.” Perhaps one day we’ll be more like Europe and Asia, where makeup for men is far more acceptable, and fanciful or even romantic product names flourish. (Witness the popularity of the Gatsby makeup line in Japan, or North Korea’s Man Holding Flower.)  In the meantime, if you want to sell makeup to men, make it sound like something else. Something…scientific, perhaps. The vaguely clinical term “enhancement” (as in “complexion enhancement”) is a popular malespeak euphemism for makeup these days. For instance, Biotherm Homme positions its Power Bronze line as “instant skin enhancement.” And 4VOO’s “Confidence Corrector” promises a boost of self-esteem and camouflages the fact that it’s more commonly known as…concealer.

More Than Cosmetic Dentistry – A Beautiful Smile Can Lead To Health And Success |

From the beginning of time man has just known what looks good and at first didn’t know exactly why. Flowers are beautiful. Some architectural structures look good and then there is the beautiful smile and face. But why do these things look good to us? The Greeks actually defined the mathematical components of beauty and were able to calculate it. They called it the “golden ratio also known as the Golden Proportion.” Not understanding why, they knew that it felt good and it looked good, and they incorporated it into much of their art and into many of their buildings (including the Parthenon, which is generally considered to be antiquity’s most perfect structure)The Golden Proportion is a fundamental ratio found over and over again in nature that seems to please the human eye. Geometrically, it can be defined as the ratio obtained if a line is divided so that the length of the shorter segment is in the same proportion to that of the longer segment as the length of the longer segment is to the entire line. Mathematically, these ratios are such that the longer segment is 1.618054 times the length of the shorter segment, while the shorter is 0.618054 times the longer.The secret was lost with the fall of Greece, but it began to resurface in the 16th century when Leonardo da Vinci utilized it in his painting and sculpture. Soon, many of the masters began to proportion their canvases according to the golden ratio, and it is still the shape most preferred today from anything from credit cards, car grills, to table tops.So what does this have to do with teeth? A beautiful smile also conforms to the Golden Proportion. If you look directly at the perfect smile you will note that the central incisor width is 1.6 times the width of the lateral incisor and the cuspid is .6 times the width of the lateral incisor.Not only does the beautiful smile conform to the Golden proportion but the symmetry is associated with health. Overlapped disfigured teeth are much more likely to be diseased. Maligned, decayed, discolored teeth most often represent overall poor health. Many systemic disorders are associated with dental diseases manifested by inflamed asymmetrical tissue conditions such as gum loss and inflamed swollen gums. Unattractive teeth are directly associated with poor general health. The beautiful smile is a healthy smile.A cosmetically pleasing smile is the first thing people notice about you. The person with a smile that does not approach the esthetic ideal will most often be considered unattractive and unhealthy even if they have a great personality. The selection process for business, fun, sports, and especially a mate frequently begins with the most attractive prospect first. It’s just easier when the smile is cosmetically pleasing and person is more attractive otherwise. The selection process is a natural process because we instinctively know that the more attractive more symmetrical a prospect is the more likely that person is to be healthy and successful. Symmetry is associated with health and athletic performance. Studies have shown that the most successful athletes have higher degrees of symmetry. So the symmetrical pleasing smile is just another example of your success potential. The beautiful smile often leads to success in business and mate selection.What if you are not born with that perfect smile? Correcting your smile is one of the easiest things that you can do to improve your actual health and the way that others see you. Cosmetic dentistry can make up where nature left off. We can correct those defects that were either genetically or environmentally induced. We can close spaces, straighten and whiten teeth, make the teeth and gums even and symmetrical and eliminate disfigured overlapped teeth. The smile is just the beginning. Cosmetic dentistry will not only improve your appearance but will also improve your health and increase your success potential. Give your self the best chance possible start with cosmetic dentistry one of the easiest personal enhancement options available today.Smile your way to health and success.