Cosmetic Dentistry – For a Beautiful Smile |

In today’s world it is possible to get a smile makeover and you can create a beautiful smile for yourself. In the process your complete self image undergoes an improvement and your new smile can change your life completely. This job is done by a cosmetic dentist who can give you a new smile that fits your face. Your beautiful smile shows your strong teeth which are more stain resistant than natural teeth.Several methods are used in the process of cosmetic dentistry and the dentist chooses the most suitable option for you after assessing your needs, wishes and dental history. Tooth whitening and bleaching are common procedures which can be used at home as well. In order to have a brighter and whiter smile there are several whitening options. The cosmetic dentist must be consulted before any procedure is adopted, otherwise it can be done totally by the dentist as well.If your teeth are chipped, broken or cracked, you naturally refrain from giving a wide smile. By a procedure which is known as bonding, the surface of the tooth is covered with tooth-colored materials and in the process the ugly cracks get filled up and the defects cannot be seen any more.When a tooth gets chipped or is permanently stained, veneers can be used to cover the defective areas. Veneers are actually thin shells but are custom-made so that they can cover the front side of the teeth totally. Sometimes teeth are naturally crooked or badly shaped for which veneers can be used too. Braces are also common for straightening crooked or crowded teeth. Other orthodontic appliances are also used to correct any kind of teeth which do not align properly.Crowns and bridges naturally replace missing teeth and therefore your outward appearance improves at once and you can smile openly without exposing the gaps in your set of teeth. The artificial teeth are made of gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of all these materials. Bridges can be removable as well as fixed.Dental implants and dentures are naturally some other options for replacing missing teeth. The artificial teeth can give you a more natural looking smile, but dental implants demands optimal dental hygiene habits. For all these corrective and cosmetic dentistry options which are available, good oral health is vital which means cleanliness of the teeth. Nutrition too should be good and regular visits to the cosmetic dentist are imperative to maintain a beautiful and charming smile.