Using Cosmetics To Enhance Your Beauty |

There are several types of beauty enhancing cosmetics on the market today. It is very important to find out which products are best for you and your complexion. The color of your skin will determine what color type you are and what you should stick with or avoid, to look your best. The best part about good cosmetics is that less is more. The less you put on, the more natural you look. No one wants to look made up or have their make-up caked on.How To Find Out What Season You AreThe key to choosing the right colors to enhance your beauty is to find out what season you are. Your season will depend on your hair color. You can go onto many cosmetic websites and use their hair color selector to find out which season is the one for you. Many local cosmetic stores and kiosks also have trained personnel that can help you as well. The basic idea of how determining your season works is simple. If you have dark, cool hair, that is no red or gold in it, than you are a winter. If your hair is dark and warm, which is with red or gold highlights, then you are an autumn. Light hair works the same way. Spring colors are for those with red and gold highlights and summer is for those without. Once you know your color pallet, you can then pick out what will work for you.Where To Begin: The FoundationThe type of foundation you choose to use will be the key to how the rest of your cosmetics work. There are so many types of foundations it can seem like an over whelming process. The three major categories are liquid, powder, and mineral. The liquid foundation is very easy to apply, but harder to blend to give a natural look. Often times it can leave lines when applied too thick, or not the exact skin tone. Powdered foundation is very simple and can be readily carried with you for re-application if needed. The major complaint with this foundation is the cake look it has when you need to cover up blemishes. To avoid over application use a concealer prior to application on any blemishes you might have. Mineral based foundations are very sleek and simple. They cover blemishes with ease and are easier to blend in so you do not see lines or get a fake look to your skin. No matter which style you choose, make sure you apply the foundation correctly to get a subtler and natural feel and look.The Importance I Sticking With Your Color PalletOnce you know your season it is very important to stick with your color palette. Choosing random colors and tones can greatly affect how natural your make-up looks. You should look like you enhanced your beauty when you are done, not made up. The color palette will allow you to use colors that work together with your hair color and skin tone, to give you that perfected look. The idea is to enhance your features, not over power them. Highlighting your cheekbones and subtly accentuating your eyes will go a long way. The idea of cosmetic application is to not color in your face, but to lightly add to your natural beauty. Always remember, less is more.